It’s stable, it’s easy, it’s fun.

Whether you are standing up, kneeled or seated, you will love it anyway. It all started with water. So let’s find those fishy feelings!

150 Euro/Week

Fun all day!

The i-All Around is the ideal inflatable SUP for paddling expeditions weather you are at the beach, near a river or a lake. The i-All Around is the ideal SUP for paddlers who are looking for an adventure. The i-All Around features Cohete’s double PVC iSUP technology which has been developed to maximize durability and increase air pressure so that the 1.0 bar of pressure inside the iSUP make the deck feel like a ridged EPS/EPOXY SUP. The inner core is made of nylon drop stitch material and wrapped in a double layer of PVC for maximum endurance.

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